Krishna : Introducing Himself

“I am, O Awaken, the Self that dwells within all beings, as also their primeval beginning, middle, and end.’’

“And, O Dear, I am also the seed from which all beings have sprung up, because there is nothing animate or inanimate which is without my illusion.(maya) ”

“I am the death that annihilates all, the root of the creations to be,and also the God who holds and sustains all.’’

“Know that whatever is possessed of glory, beauty, and strength has arisen from my own splendour.’’

“I am the creator of all nature with its eight division’s earth, water, fire, wind, ether, mind, intellect, and ego.’’

“This nature, O the mighty-powerful, is the lower, insensate nature, but against it there is my conscious, living nature which animates the whole world.’’

“Know that all beings arise from these two natures and that I am both the creator and the end of whole world.’’

“There is, O self-winner, not even one object other than me, and the whole world is linked up with me like the pearls of a necklace.”

“O Dear, I am that which makes water liquescent, the radiance in the sun and the moon, the sacred syllable OM, the word’s echo (Shabd) in the ether, and I am also the manliness in men.”

“I am the fragrance in the earth, the flame in fire, the Soul that animates all beings, and the penance of ascetics.”

“Since I am also the intellect in wise men and the magnificence of men of glory, know you, O Dear, that I am the eternal fountainhead of all beings.”

“I am, O the best of human, the selfless power of the strong and I, too, am the aspiration for realization in all beings that is never hostile to God.”

“I am, O Dear , the beginning and end and also the middle of created beings, the mystic knowledge of Self among sciences, and the final arbiter among disputants.’’

“I am the action that is undertaken, the yagya, the fulfillment of earlier resolutions, the healer, the sacred prayer, the oblation as well as the sacred fire, and I am also the sacrificial act of oblation.”

“And I too am the bearer and preserver of the whole world as also the giver of rewards for action; father, mother and also the grandsire; the sacred, imperishable OM who is worthy of being known; and all Ved-Rig, Sam and Yajur.”

“I am the supreme goal, the sustainer and Lord of all, the maker of good and evil, the abode and shelter of all, the benefactor who wants nothing in return, the beginning and the end, the fountainhead as well as that in whom all beings are dissolved, and also the indestructible primal energy.’’

“I am the sun that burns, I draw the clouds and also make them rain, and, O Dear, I am the drought of immortality as well as death, and I am also both substance and shadow.’’

“I am the deceit of cheating gamblers, the glory of renowned men, the victory of conquerors, the determination of the resolved, and the virtue of the pious.’’

“I am king among men and the embodiment of the feminine qualities of accomplishing action (keerti) vitality, speech, memory, awareness (medha), patience and forgiveness among women.

“And I am the oppression of tyrants, the wise conduct of those who aspire to succeed, silence among secrets, and also the knowledge of enlightened men.”

“Or, instead of knowing anything more, O Dear, just remember that I am here and I bear the whole world with just a fraction of my power.’’

“What I have told you, O Parantap, is only a brief abstract of my countless glories."

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