On The Behalf Of The Mankind.

I Pray To You Oh God..

sarvam etad rtam manye yan mam vadasi keshava
na hi te bhagwan vyaktim vidur deva na danavah   
“I believe, O Keshav, all that you have told me and which, O Lord, is known to neither demons nor gods, to be true.’’

svayam eva' tmana' tmanam vettha twam purusottama
bhutabhavana bhuthesa devadeva jagat pate
“Which, O Supreme Lord, O Creator and God of all beings, O God of gods and master of the world, is known to you alone.’’

vaktum arhasy asesena divya hy atmavibhutayah
yabhir vibhutibhir lokan imams twam vyapya tisthasi
“So you alone are capable of enlightening me well on your glories by which you pervade and dwell in all the worlds.’’

katham vidhyam aham yogims twam sada paricintayan
kesu kesu ca bhavesu cintyo'si bhagavan maya
“How should I, O Yogeshwar, know you by incessant contemplation and in what forms, O Lord, should I worship you?”

vistarena' tmano yogam vibhutim ca janardana
bhuyah kathaya trptir hi srnvato na'sti me'mrtam
“And, O Janardan, tell me again the power of your yog andyour exalted magnificence, for I am not yet sated by the honey of your utterances.’’

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